Advice and Tips

  • The Benefits Offered
    - The basic benefits and the extras to ask for. Most plans provide basic medical coverage, but the details are what count. The best plan for someone else may not be the best plan for you.
  • What Is Most Important to Me in a Plan?
    - Making sure your plan suits your needs. In choosing a plan, you have to decide what is most important to you. All plans have tradeoffs. Ask yourself the questions in this article.
  • How Do I Compare Health Plans?
    - A checklist for choosing a plan. After you review what benefits are available and decide what is important to you, you can compare plans. Many things should be considered. These include services offered, choice of providers, location, and costs. The quality of care is also a factor to think about.
  • Tips on Choosing a Doctor
    - Best make sure you’re going to a good physician. Your doctor will be your partner in care, so it is important to choose carefully from the doctors available to you. In some managed care plans, you will generally be limited to choosing from only certain doctors; in other plans, some doctors may be “preferred,” which means they are part of a network and you will pay less if
    you use them.
  • Getting The Most For My Plan
    - Maximizing the potential of your benefits. Read your health insurance policy and member handbook. Make sure you understand them, especially the information on benefits, coverage, and limits. Sales materials or plan summaries cannot give you the full picture.