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Welcome to American Medical Technologies

Less Pain • Less Mess • Less Expense • More Comfortable • More Precise • More Profitable

Lightweight dual nozzle (air/water) handpiece provides maximum user control.

All the advantages of air abrasion without the mess

AMT, the originator of modern air abrasion technology, discovered the next generation: Hydrobrasion.

Multiple Applications

Hydro Jet allows the clinician to remove decay without excessive removal of healthy tooth structure.

Increased Patient Comfort

Hydro Jet does not generate vibration, the cause of most pain associated with handpieces.

Less Heat, Vibration, and Noise than Handpieces

With Hydro Jet there is no unpleasant smell, high-pitched whine, or painful heat.


Hydrobrasion Cavity Preparation System

Proven Technology

The AMT Hydrobrasion technology has been reviewed and highly rated by The Dental Advisor.

Removable control pad allows
user to position where desired.

The Next Generation in Abrasive Cutting Technology

  • Water vortex actions directs and contains abrasive particles.
  • Self-contained heated water prevents sensitivity issues.
  • Nine settings to control flow of abrasive particles.
  • Casters provide easy portability.
  • Wireless foot switch allows control while maintaining asepsis.



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