Health Care Facts

  • Health Care Coverage In The United States
    - The status quo of USA health care. While all seniors in the U.S. are covered by Medicare, not all younger Americans have health insurance. After rising steadily throughout the 1990s, the share of the population not covered by health insurance declined in 1999.
  • Public Health Care Coverage
    - The skinny on Medicare and Medicaid. Medicare is a federally administered program that provides hospital and medical insurance protection to people aged 65 and older, disabled people under age 65 who receive cash benefits under Social Security or Railroad Retirement programs, and people of all ages with chronic kidney disease.
  • What Does Lacking Health Insurance Mean?
    - The implications of not being covered medically. In our society, if you do not have health insurance and you get sick or injured you can still go to an emergency room or urgent care clinic and receive medical care.
  • What Is To Be Done?
    - The ideal future of health care. Most industrialized nations assure that all their citizens have health insurance. In fact, the United States is the only fully industrialized country in the world besides South Africa that does not require that all citizens be covered.